It’s a fact of farm life:

You’ve worked hard all season to get the best product the earth’s soil can produce. You had a great harvest, and your distributors know how to sell it.

What about the stuff you can’t sell – the fruit with too many bumps and bruises or the overabundant yield from the late rains?

45% of this nation’s fruits and vegetables go to waste every year. Nearly 20 billion pounds of perfectly good produce goes into the compost bin because it doesn’t meet the standards required to be sold at market. It’s a global problem that both farmers and consumers feel most where it hurts: In their wallets.

Here’s where we come in.

Your Produce, Preserved

Terroir in a Jar captures your produce at its peak, flash-freezing at the height of flavor profile and getting it ready to be processed into a shelf-stable product. All of the nuances that make your fruit or vegetable unique to its local origin – the Terroir – are preserved at that moment for years to come.

Choose from hundreds of original recipes that have been designed and perfected over the years, or work with us to create your own signature profile. Upon packaging, your product will be assigned an Official Process Letter (or S-letter) that describes its compliance with state regulations and readiness to be sold on the open market.

big sur sea salt directly from the tidepools of our own backyard

big sur sea salt directly from the tidepools of our own backyard

Some of our past products include:

  • Beer, wine & cider jelly

  • Culinary vinegars

  • Jams, jellies, marmalades, fruit butters

  • Shrubs, syrups & margarita mixes

We utilize non-GMO ingredients; you have the choice between organic and conventional cane sugar, depending on the intended market and budget. We include no preservatives in our recipes other than ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and use locally sourced products whenever possible.

A label created for Everett Family Farms

A label created for Everett Family Farms

Documentation & Transparency

Your peace of mind is our top priority. We will supply your product with a certificate of authentication that includes the name, packing date, lot number, ingredients list, and S-letter identifier indicating that it’s registered with the state and ready for retail distribution. You’ll know that your product was produced under our roof in a state regulated commercial kitchen (PFR # 77352), and you’ll have the documentation you need to bring your new creation to market.

When your jars are ready to ship, we’ll provide a visual template that makes it easy to create perfectly-fitted labels for your product. We’ll also help you find a graphic designer that can align with your brand, or create a new one.

Intake form for incoming produce

Intake form for incoming produce

As a co packer founded on the concept of Terroir, we absolutely do not commingle the main ingredients in our recipes with other farms. We weigh, measure, assign lot numbers and take pictures throughout the process to ensure that the jars you receive contain nothing but the produce you provide. We’ll also provide a detailed breakdown of your projected yield, cost, and overall net profitability.

GUnther from Garden Variety cheese company picking up watermelon silage for his animals

GUnther from Garden Variety cheese company picking up watermelon silage for his animals

Sustainable & Green

Our kitchen is the first by state of Ca.: green certification in Santa Cruz county. We recycle everything we can – from composting and reusing cardboard boxes, to donating our production silage as livestock feed for local farms such as Garden Variety, Chicken Heart Farm and Hedge grown Farm to name a few. We do not use single-use containers or harmful chemicals; we keep water usage to a minimum. The glass on our jars is recycled and the lids are lined with a plant based plastisol.

“ A clear picture creates a healthy future .”

A clear picture creates a healthy future.”

Stop Wasting Food; Start Maximizing Profits

Our pricing structure is designed to maximize your profit and secure the largest return on your investment. We provide a distribution wholesale buyback model that gives you the opportunity for up to a 3000% potential profit. We’ll work with you to figure out the numbers and develop new and innovative ways to secure revenue for your farm. We even provide you with a formula sheet to see clearly how your '“waste”


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