What Terroir in a Jar Can Do for You

We turn your produce into value added products to make you money!

Choose Your Recipe
We have a recipe book that has passed all state regulations for shelf stability and have S letters for you to choose from … or we can create your own signature recipe. So many possibilities: beer or wine jelly, culinary vinegars, jams, marmalades, apple/pear butter, shrubs , margarita mixes - let’s get creative!

We use organic ingredients when applicable and non-GMO cane sugar. We can use organic cane sugar but that can get quite very expensive. Whatever your needs or requirements, we will do our best accommodate them. We use local ingredients whenever possible such as Big Sur Sea Salts, local herbs from your farm, or Jacob Farms on the North Coast of California.

The Documents
We will supply you with a certificate of authentication with name, date, lot #, recipe ingredient list, state S letter #, so that you know that your product was produced under our roof in a state regulated commercial kitchen. This is an accepted document for the farmer’s market associations as well as any grocery market.

Our Practices
We operate in the first green certified kitchen in Santa Cruz county. We recycle all that we can, from composting all cardboard or returning boxes for reuse, to composting all byproducts from production. Ultimately we are here to reduce food waste as a whole, which is the #2 cause of global warming. We do not use single use containers or harmful chemicals; and we low water usage, compost or donate silage and by products to several organic farms in the area. Our glass is recycled and our lids are lined with a plant based plastiol.

We guarantee that your produce will be in your jars ( Terroir/sense of place) - NO COMMINGLING  with other farms. We weigh, measure and assign lot numbers to guarantee your produce ends up in your jars. We photograph every delivery and document the process. As you know time is of the essence and loss can be part of the process, so these documents help you have a clear concise picture of your financial outlook for your products.

Maximize Profits
Our pricing structure allows you to make a healthy profit, and our quick turnaround time will help you maximize your investment. We provide a math sheet to show your profit possibilities with your new jars, bottles of immortality. A clear picture creates a healthy future.

We provide you with all the legal requirements for your labels and can help you through the process. We will also help promote your product through our social media platforms and this web site with links to your web, social media etc. We are your girl Friday so you can stay bon the farm and continue to grow organic magic.

Jarred with Love
Every jar is hand filled with love.




To learn more about how we can help your farm create value added products, please get in touch!