Copy of ALBA Logo

ALBA is an organization that helps cultivate the local farm community by training farmers and developing organic agriculture. We worked with them to produce delicious products that feature the full flavor of Salinas Valley fruit.

Copy of Bonny Doon Logo

We developed a Péche de Vigne (vineyard peach) jam from the peaches grown at Bonny Doon’s Popelouchum Vineyard & Farm in San Juan Bautista. This particular fruit produces a uniquely sweet flavor and deep red color that perfectly ties it to the terroir of San Juan Bautista wine country.

Copy of Coastal Moon Logo

We had the opportunity to work with Coastal Moon’s blueberries, which were naturally sweet and perfect for jam.

Copy of Condor's Hope Logo

We produced a delicious Zinfandel jelly made from this Sierra Madre Mountain wine producer in Santa Barbara. Farmers Steve Gliessman and Roberta Jaffe grow their 5-acre vineyard using traditional dry-farm practices while producing full;-bodied wines, protecting the environment and conserving water.

Copy of Corralitos Brewing Logo

Luke Taylor has headed up the brewing program in the heart of the Pajaro valley making smooth, sexy beers with the drinker in mind. We made a bomb Acid Cabin sour jelly to pair perfectly with local meats and the foods that hail from this rich vital region.

Copy of Everett Family Farm Logo

When the rains came late one year, Everett Family Farm had a huge crop of strawberries that needed immediate processing before they turned. We took these full-flavored beauties and turned them into shrubs and vinegars, with a variation that included a tarragon infusion. Nestled in the heart of Soquel alongside the Corralitos creek, this family farm grow fruits, vegetables and herbs, and raise chickens along with other livestock.


We developed several products for this generational rare citrus nursery that provides rare and unusual, organic citrus to farms around the country. We created several products for them, including shrubs, margarita mix, and marmalade made from a variety of kumquats, Persian limes, and lemons.

Copy of Green Oaks Logo

We produced several products for Pescadero’s Green Oaks Farm, including an heirloom pepper jelly and shrub, a spicy tomato jelly, and a tomato shrub.

Copy of Happy Acre Logo

We collaborated with Helena and Matthew of Happy Acre Farm in Sunol, who grow fruits, vegetables and flowers with their baby, August. We created a beautiful examples of terroir by separating out the multiple varietals of heirloom peppers, creating a rainbow offering of jellies. We also developed an heirloom tomato jelly.

Copy of Homeless Garden Logo

The Homeless Garden Project helps train new farmers and get people back on their feet; they grow a variety of crops for local markets and CSA boxes. We regularly collaborate with them by employing their graduates in a continuation enrichment program, and developing products from their harvest. Some of our past products include jams and culinary vinegars made from smoked Padrón peppers and chipotle heirloom tomatoes, as well as smoked pumpkin and ginger-citrus pumpkin jellies.

Copy of Live Earth Farm Logo

Our recent collaboration with Live Earth allowed us the privilege to work with some of the finest apples in the county. We created a delicious apple shrub from several thousand pounds of fruit, and had plenty of silage left over to feed to livestock.

live earth.png

Farm Discovery at Live Earth is a nonprofit environmental organization that grows healthy relationships through food, farming, and nature with the children of Northern California. We create these products to help raise funding for these farm camps throughout the year, including Bearss lime margarita mix, pink peppercorn apple jelly, lavender apple syrup, Meyer lemon marmalade, and much, much more.

Nelson Family Farm is a small, family-run U-Pick and farm stand in Watsonville, CA. Dustin Nelson grows produce that exemplifies the best of the valley, and invites families to come pick fruit on weekends. He also has a 7-day/wk farm stand where you can find-fresh-from-the-ground fruits & vegetables, along with our strawberry vinegar and shrub that you can enjoy year round.

Copy of Outstanding in the Field Logo

Outstanding in the Field is a traveling dinner party that features locally sourced ingredients prepared by world-class chefs. We contribute a blackberry shrub and a Meyer lemon herb shrub that is served as a deliciously effervescent non-alcoholic beverage option.

Copy of Prevedelli Logo

Prevedelli is a multi-generational farm that’s been around since 1945, but the family has been farming since the ‘30s, starting with Sylvia and Frank. The youngest son, Nick, has taken the helm to organically grow apples, pears, blackberries and citrus. We captured their season with zesty Meyer lemon marmalade, low sugar blackberry jelly, and low sugar Pippen apple jelly. You can find them at local farmers markets around the Bay Area.

Copy of Route 1 Logo

Our recent collaboration with Live Earth allowed us the privilege to work with some of the finest apples in the county. We created a delicious apple shrub from several thousand pounds of fruit, and had plenty of silage left over to fed to livestock.

Copy of Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Logo

We made some heady IPA jellies out of Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing Lavender and Big Dippa beer.


Denise is our main designer who helps with the labeling and branding needs of our farm partners. She has developed many designs for our company as well as several others whom have brought their newly jarred products to market.